Employer Spotlight

     The Vocation Depot, Inc. is partnered with Wawa stores in the state of Florida to provide job coaching services.  Wawa’s Supportive Employment program provides opportunities for persons with disabilities to work customized positions at local Wawa stores. The job tasks of the Supportive Employment associate are created based on their abilities, for example: brewing coffee, maintaining the coffee island, cleaning, replenishing other food and drink supplies throughout the store.

      The Vocation Depot assisted John Rountree, a Supported Employment customer of Vocational Rehabilitation, secure a position with a Wawa store in Brandon, FL in August of 2017 as a Customer Service Associate. John brews coffee, stocks beverage stations and is learning how to make specialty drinks.  His supervisor, Molly Bucher, tells us what a cheerful employee John is and that it’s a pleasure to have him as part of their team.  We are thankful for Lindsey Scherger-Gray, John’s VR Counselor, for referring him to The Vocation Depot.


      The Vocation Depot is proud to be a partner of Wawa’s Supported Employment program as well as an approved vendor of the state of Florida’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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