In response to COVID-19, we have implemented new strategies and the latest technology and are now offering the following services remotely:

  •  Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations

  • Pre-placement Training

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Employment Specialists at The Vocation Depot work to connect people with Disabilities seeking competitive employment, with local Employers in the community who are looking for responsible and ambitious individuals.   Additionally, we are partnering with Medical professionals where we will coordinate and provide medical services and vocational evaluations to our clients as needed.


We have Employment Specialists in the Greater Tampa Area and the Ft. Lauderdale areas committed to providing dedicated and knowledgeable services. 
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The Vocation Depot offers a variety of services to pair qualified candidates with employment barriers with community partners for long term gainful employment opportunities by deploying unique, but proven, marketing techniques and case management skills.  
Through the generous support of people like you, The Vocation Depot is able to impact the lives of adults with special needs every year. Each donation is a gift of empowerment and provides growth and the ability to explore their future opportunities.
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